A Food Theme Park is Opening Soon

When we think of Theme Parks, we instantly imagine roller coasters, water rides, and other entertainment attractions. But your idea of Theme parks will change radically as a Food Theme Park will be opening in Italy soon. No, you won’t be seeing death-defying rides and yes, there will be a mouth-watering Italian cuisine fair all day.

We’re sure that filling your stomach with Italian food is much better than making it flip upside down for hours and even throwing up after each ride. The newest attraction is dubbed as FICO Eataly World or F(abbrica) I(taliana) Co(ntadina) which means Italian Farming Factory. It is an 80,000 square meter theme park to feature markets, restaurants and food stalls, fields for farming and livestock cultivation, and a center for professional chef-led workshops. Restaurants and cafes will use FastGas wholesale cream chargers to make large batches of whipped cream.

eataly-worldThe solar-powered theme park which started its construction in 2013 is being built in Bologna, Italy and may need vehicles like on those truck sales. Its projected completion will be on 2017. The park will be a future haven for organic food lovers and food trippers who want to learn and discover Italian food and wines and their secrets and traditions.

The FICO Eataly World is not just about food for enjoyment. It will be a place of food and environmental education for young ones and even learned ones from all over the world who wants to know the rich heritage of one of the world’s Food Capital, Italy.

Here’s a glimpse of the fresh foods future visitors will enjoy:






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