A 28-year old woman cuts herself to feed her vampire boyfriend

Just when you thought vampire-human love stories are nothing but fiction, here comes a real-life couple that prove that it is for real!

Love makes you do even the oddest things, including cutting yourself so your boyfriend can suck blood. Well, that’s a yes for Blut Katzchen. She cuts herself with a razor to feed her thirsty self-proclaimed vampire boyfriend. Actually, she’s been travelling across the US to feed men and women with bloodlust.

blut-katzchenHer latest, is of course, her admirer-slash-boyfriend, 44-year old Michael Vachmiel who claims he draws the energy he needs to survive from her blood. The couple get together a few times a year to perform their bloodsucking ritual.

Real Life Human-Vampire CoupleBlut says she has always been engrossed with the vampire culture ever since she was young.

“I found a book on vampires in my sister’s collection and became completely entranced with it.”

As a black swan (a term used for someone who offers her blood willingly), she believes that it takes a specific kind of mindset to be able to be submissive and giving.

Michael and Blut

“You have to have a very strong connection to the person who is feeding off you. Michael and I have a very intimate relationship and I trust him completely.”

Unlike in movies where vampires sink their sharp teeth into the necks to suck blood, Blut claims their process is different – more safe, clean, and consensual.

She uses a razor blade to make 1-inch cut on her body and uses suction cups to draw the blood out. Michael, on the other hand, sterilizes the area first and even uses a mouthwash before drinking to ensure cleanliness.

Bloodsucking ritual



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