Funniest Clothing Tags You’ll Ever See

Clothing tags or labels which we find at the inside back of our clothes often contain the brand, the physical textile of the garment, and the wash care label. They are useful for us so we can know exactly how to wash/dry our clothing without damaging it. Though most of us disregard these tags as they contain the “usual,” we found a few of the funniest tags you’d take a second look of which will make you laugh!

Maybe this is part of their marketing, but you loved the dress before you saw that tag so it’s probably an awesome idea to wear this on your first date !
Well, of course!!! Unless you plan to wear this even if it’s dirty.
C’mon! You don’t have to stick to your size!
tested on animals
Well, glad to know! Haha


No to gender discrimination!


A salad dressing recipe on a clothing tag! Now that’s a rare find!


It would have been amazing if it was made on Mars!


Even if you’re not wearing this, you should keep it away from fire! HAHA And oh, always wash your butt!


Mother knows best!


A perfect clothing reminder on Christmas!



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