Was an alien found in Russia?

In May 1996, a humanoid corpse was found in rural Kaolinoyy near Kyshtym. This mysterious body which was known as the Kyshtym Dwarf later went missing. Today, we’re revisiting this famous case with the help of UFO conspiracy theory that has been circulating on the internet.

According to the conspiracy theorists, the detailed expert autopsy reports, including the photos found below, reveal that the body was of extraterrestrial origins. They say the body was non-human, in spite of the rumors that it was just a human female fetus which was prematurely born.

Mummified Alien

Some alien hunters think that the Russian authorities intentionally made the body disappear and issued a different autopsy to stop the scare-inducing rumors and deter researchers from investigating and searching for the missing body.

Before the body was found in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, it was in the possession of an elderly woman, Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, who was declared mentally ill. Prosvirina, is said to have been prompted by the voices in her head to find the tiny “alien” in the local cemetery she regularly goes to, in August 1996. She then took the alien child and named it Alyoshenka.

This news quickly spread around the village which prompted the local authorities to check on Prosvirina’s house. She was sent to a psychiatric institution while the baby died of starvation. A neighbor named Vladimir Nurditov went to her house and took the body of the baby. Police officers then searched Nurditov’s home and stumbled on the alien corpse perfectly preserved.

Dr. Samoshkin, who examined the infant/alien said, “The creature was not by any means a human being. The human skull consists of six bones. The skull of that creature was made up of 4 bones. There were other differences in the skeleton structure. Those anomalies didn’t look like any congenital malformations known to date”



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