Sexy Cop Goes Viral

A German policewoman has become an internet sensation after posting hot pictures of herself on social media.   Adrienne Koleszár, 31, is a German senior police commissioner who has been bombarded with messages from adoring Social Media fans – with some even begging her to arrest them.

Adrienne Koleszár

Others are so desperate to get the gorgeous policewoman’s attention, they are offering to voluntarily drive into a speed trap if it meant they would get an opportunity to meet her.   Her sexy viral snaps showing off her muscular arms and flat stomach seemed to be the spotlight of the attraction.

Adrienne Koleszár

The sexy cop also shared personal information about her job through her social media account, which swiftly got over 11000 likes. “Yes, I am a police officer in Germany and yes, I love my job. Surely it is often hard work. Sometimes I have to handle things, which nobody would like to see… I am only a human and I’m not perfect. But in the end I am very happy with my life,” she said.

Adrienne Koleszár in Supergirl shirt

Now that Koleszár has been thrust into the spotlight, everyone wants to know her secrets for getting into fit form.  After a day’s work, Koleszár hits the gym and one of her daily routines includes training with a 375-pound hip thrust device that keeps her in shape. “It helps me work on my backside.  Every woman wants to have a nice backside,” she said. She claimed that her slim-toned body is due to 70 percent healthy eating and 30 percent exercise. If you want to have a body like hers, you can look into weight loss supplements like liv pure. You can read liv-pure reviews from customers at Geeks Health if you would like to learn more about this weight loss supplement.

Adrienne Koleszár

Despite her enviable physique, Koleszár made it clear that she has no plan on posting nude or topless pictures….at least not yet, but we can dream.

Here is her Instagram page:



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