Want to dine naked?

The Bunyadi London's Naked Restaurant

Many expensive and exclusive restaurants require elegant attire or formal wear to even enter the establishment.  Imagine a dining experience that focuses on only the atmosphere and food.  A new London restaurant, the location is not currently available, that is set to open on June 11, lets you experience a meal free from phones, electric lights, and clothing.  Yes, we said clothing.

The Bunyadi is a concept restaurant where people take their clothes off and dine in the nude.  This is the first naked restaurant in London, and it has thrilled customers wishing to have a natural eating experience, free from the trappings of the world.  The Bunyadi is expected to be open only during the summer, and then possibly relocated to France.

The Bunyadi

The restaurant has a 42-seating capacity but already has 44,000 people on their waiting list.  With the venue still undisclosed, the Bunyadi has already received high praise from the first diners invited to their soft opening.  Only those lucky enough to get a ticket are privy to the location, and even then, they are sworn to secrecy.

On their Facebook page, Harriet Starling wrote: “I didn’t want it to end! Was absolutely incredible – every moment.  Pure freedom, the best staff and atmosphere, flawless food. To whoever gets to go, you will never forget it.”

The Bunyadi experience

Another positive review by Yoann Belmere highly promoted the experience.  “You enter a cocktail bar and after a cocktail you’re invited to change into a comfortable gown before being led to the atmospheric restaurant area where tables are separated by bamboo curtains, see-through to stimulate the brain but hidden enough to feel in your private booth.  The raw food was exquisite too! Highly recommended with a group of friends or for an unusual experience with your special someone!”



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