There Is a New Craze in Drinking Beer

Forget about the traditional beer bongs, because a new craze lets you down your beer in seconds.  Can’t wait to know about it?  The Bierstick Syringe!

BierstickYes, the new Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe is a revolutionary drinking device that makes it easier to drink beer in seconds.  Whether it’s a full 24 ounces of beer in a matter of seconds or just wanting to drink a cold beer with less spill or mess, this new device is perfect for a beer party!

Bierstick Girls- Ally and AlexAll you have to do is pour the drink into the giant syringe and it can inject 2 pints of beer in just 2 seconds. Everyone is going nuts over this new device because it’s not just a fun way to drink beer.  It’s also the best alternative to enjoy a clean and mess-free chug.

Bierstick beer bong

Are you wondering how the syringe fits your mouth? The mouthpiece was specifically designed so users can drink a mouthful of beer and not foam or carbonation.  The Bierstick actually decreases bloating, belching, and discomfort in general.  It’s also made using the highest quality of FDA-approved materials.

The Bierstick syringe costs $19.95 per piece.



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