Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets!

In the United States, twins occur in about 3 out of 100 births.  It is a fairly low percentage, so having quintuplets would be pretty close to impossible, but it does happen, just ask Kim Tucci.

In January, the highly anticipated event occurred when Kim Tucci gave birth to quintuplets.  The actual delivery only took about two minutes via C-section. “It literally felt like my body was shutting down,” Tucci shared about delivering son Keith and daughters Beatrix, Ali, Tiffany and Penelope.

Cute Quintuplet Babies

During her pregnancy, the 26- year-old gave details of  her struggles in her blog, ‘Surprised by Five’

“We do cope with the change, but we have our days where everything is a little bit too much,” Tucci wrote. “We have volunteers coming in and our house is constantly buzzing with people so we’ve lost our privacy. Whilst we love the support and are so grateful for it, it’s been hard to adjust to such a different lifestyle.”

All in all, Tucci is a mother of eight when the quintuplets joined sisters Indiana, 2, Aiva, 5, and brother Kurt, 9. While the mother is still adjusting to the extremely challenging situation, her other children are also coping to the new changes the new additions have created.  “When the quintuplets are crying and struggling for our attention, my other children can act out,” she wrote. “My 9 year old son is old enough to cope and my younger two find it hard. . . Having time for everyone is the hardest thing.”

Also, the quintuplets seem to follow a sort of pattern to their activities. “They cry together, settle together and sleep together,” Kim explained. “So basically, after we do the feeding rounds they are all pretty settled. They are very much connected.”




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