Ridiculously Awesome Items Made out of Ikea Bags

Ikea is known for its practical, well-designed and budget-friendly products.  They’re also known for another thing – their products inspire creativity.  Their Ikea blue bag for example has been bought by many for its versatility.

Creative and resourceful buyers around the world shared their creations using the Ikea blue tote bag. Check out a few of them:

Who would have thought that blue tote bag can be a sexy accessory?

Ikea G string

It can also transform into a cap to protect you not just from the sun but from the rain as well.

Ikea Cap

Or in another style – a bucket hat.

Ikea Bucket Hat
Your winter OOTD would be complete with these boots.

Ikea Boots
It can also turn into waterproof wallets.

Ikea Wallets
Perhaps another form of bag perfect for travelling.

Ikea Travel Bag
Ikea Trousers? Why not?

Ikea Trousers
What can you say about Ikea extending their line to high fashion clothing?

Ikea Basque
Or a safety medical accessory?

Ikea Face Mask



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