You Won’t Believe What This Little Girl Will Eat

It may be normal for some toddlers to eat their toys or anything that they see, but a three-year-old girl has been struck by a serious condition that makes her want to eat everything! Maddie Moore, who suffers from Pica, has been eating her family out of house and home,  Maddie has eaten things like carpet, paint, plaster, wood, stone, duct tape, pens, and toilet rolls.

Pica is a rare impulsive disorder that makes the person suffering from it to crave non-food substances. The children’s center she goes to has had to take extraordinary steps to make her toys edible to keep her safe. Her mother is also keeping a constant eye on her little girl to make sure she won’t choke or eat something that would harm her.

Catherine Mullins, Maddie’s mother, says, “If she could, she would eat everything. I’m always worried about what she’ll try to eat next. Everything goes to her mouth.”

“Sometimes, I have to put my fingers in her mouth and hook the food out to stop her choking.”

Maddie Moore with her mother Catherine“You literally can’t take your eyes off her for a minute, so our house never shuts down,” she added.

Catherine noticed Maddie’s strange behavior when she was about one.  Maddie would often put unusual things in her mouth and try to eat them.  This odd behavior prompted her to have Maddie undergo tests and assessments to find out what may be wrong.  In addition to the Pica diagnosis, they also found out that Maddie suffers from suspected autism, which causes her to spin, bounce, and climb at any time.

Catherine, along with her partner Sonny, struggle everyday to keep Maddie safe and attend to her special needs, but they are still very thankful to have such quirky and special little girl to love.



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