The New Starbucks Drink Boosts Nursing Moms’ Milk Supply

Ever heard of the new Pink Drink the famous café, Starbucks, just launched?  Well, everyone who tried it just has good words on how sweet and light the beverage is.  Now, several moms are craving and raving about it.  They say that taking a sip on that drink increases their breast milk supply.

The first claim on its lactation-boost appeared on one of the Facebook posts of the group called Milky Mamas.  Group member Laura Galvin shared this “miracle.”  She started by saying, “So this happened and it NEVER happens,” referring to breast milk leaking through her shirt after she took this drink.  She was also able produce 48 four-ounce bags of milk in one week.  She attributes this to the Pink Drink.

nursing mom

Other nursing moms are quick to agree.  The Starbucks drink contains Strawberry and coconut milk.  According to Leena Nathan, MD, “There is no evidence to suggest that any of the ingredients in the Starbucks pink drink would help with breast milk production.”

However, since the drink is hydrating, it could increase a woman’s electrolyte and hydration levels.  These are two factors that affect production of breast milk.  Another thing that can trigger milk boost is having low stress level. Dr. Nathan says, “there is a relaxation factor involved in making a trip to Starbucks and drinking a sweet, delicious beverage,” unless you’re buying early in the morning with a long line.




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