Hilarious Tweets from Parents with Kids

We know kids sometimes say the stupidest things, but parents post them in the funniest ways.  We’ve checked out Twitter and rounded up some of the most hilarious tweets from cool parents.

Tweet from @hypercraxy
She should be ashamed, but obviously isn’t.


Tweet from @thedosetweets
Best Mom Award, eh?
Tweet from @StellaGMaddox
In a world full of ebooks and ipads, here goes a mom checking if real books are still in use.
Tweet from @daddydoinwork
Tweet from @EmilyRPeck
Kid has a point!
Tweet from @onefunnymotha
Everyone with a teen at home can relate.
Tweet from @DowntimeDad
When you are becoming the person you feared to be.
Tweet from @PuzzlingPostDad
This was not included in the job description.
Too bad there isn’t a paycheck for both.
Tweet from @xplodingunicorn
Tweet from @justjesssssssss
Finding work-life balance!
Tweet from @DomesticGoddss
Sounds like someone needs an anatomy class.
Tweet from @willgoldstein
Wow….just wow….LOL.




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