A baby monkey looks exactly like Voldemort

Baby Monkey was born in c sectionThe Dark Lord has risen again. Not as a human this time, but as a monkey. On August 29, Voldemort’s monkey look-alike has been delivered by C-section at Paignton Zoo.

VoldemortIt was the first time in the UK Zoo to carry out a caesarean procedure on a primate. Vet Jo Reynard said there were complications in the pregnancy of the monkey’s mother, Ivy which forced to do the procedure.

“Ivy had reached her due date but been off her food and inactive for two days.  A quick x-ray confirmed that the baby’s head was engaged in the pelvis ready to come out.”

King Columbus MonkeyHe added, “Later that evening we became concerned as her health was deteriorating and with no signs of normal labour progressing, we decided to do a C-section to save Ivy’s life and that of the baby.”

Head of Veterinary Services, Ghislaine Sayers, also confirmed how uncommon the incident was. In their 16 years, they have only done 3 C-sections delivery on dogs and cats but first time on a primate. Most zoo animals are able to give birth naturally and it was a shock and a bit hard for them to discern when they would need to intervene.

Monkey Voldemort LookalikeAs of the moment, both King Columbus are taken care of by the keepers and are both doing well. The young ape is currently in a mobile incubator and is being fed on powdered baby milk.



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