Science Suggests Pregnant Women with Dogs will have Healthier Babies

Dog and Baby Nap Together

Here’s a piece of good news for pregnant dog lovers – owning dogs while pregnant leads to healthier babies. This is according to a new research compiled at the University of Alberta.

The study found out that children who are born into households with pets (70 percent of which are dogs), develop better levels of two strains of gut bacteria. This is linked to a decrease in the risk of obesity and allergic disease.

Further, data shows that even if you get rid of the dog after you give birth, babies will still benefit due to prenatal exposure. Therefore, puppies and babies are good together (that’s backed by science).

In addition, your babies won’t only have health benefits from having dogs. Here are some few facts (based on experience):

When you have a dog, you won’t need a bassinet.

Baby sleeping on a dog
You won’t also need a babysitter (well by law you probably still do).

Dog babysits
Dogs help your babies become stronger.

Baby pulling dog

They also teach your babies how to share.

Dog teaches baby to share

Your babies will have instant playmates.

baby playing with dog
Plus, you get double the cuteness.

baby and dog sleeping



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