Ruby Roman Grapes Sell for $11,000 USD!

Ruby Roman Grapes

We know that auctions take place to sell goods or properties to the highest bidder, but we didn’t expect that a bunch of grapes would be sold for about 1.1M yen. That’s nearly 11,000 US dollars.

The record price for this fruit happened at an auction in Japan. The 30 Ruby Roman grapes cost about $350 each.  According to the winner, Takamaru Konishi, the ping-pong ball sized grape will be displayed at their store before customers take a sample taste.

A Ruby Roman grape is a variety of table grape grown only in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The sold grapes were confirmed to meet the qualifications as a Ruby Roman at .7 ounces in weight and contain a sugar content of at least 18%.

Konishi was very happy and honored to be taking home these grapes. “These are truly Ruby Roman gems,” he exclaimed.

This type of grapes obviously sells at really high prices. In fact, the first of its kind went on sale on August 2008 for 100,000 Japanese yen or 910 US Dollars per 700-gram bunch or about $26 each.




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