Three Amazing Creatures

If you think that humans are tough, you may want to rethink that thought, especially after you see these super powered planetary creatures that can survive pretty much anything life can throw their way.  



No one likes cockroaches.  Unlike humans who cannot withstand extreme cold, these tough bugs can endure temperatures as low as 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time, and can survive up to almost an hour without air.  Even if they are decapitated, their bodies don’t die off immediately.  Last but definitely not the least, these hearty insects can survive radiation up to 15 times the amount of radiation that would easily kill a human.            



You don’t want to anger tardigrades. They may be as small as 1 millimeter long, but they are certainly some of the toughest creatures you can imagine. They can survive in any condition that would kill most other creatures. Aside from surviving radiation, they can survive a temperature as high as 302 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -457 degrees Fahrenheit. Without water for around 3 days, humans will perish, but these creepy critters can last without water for up to a decade.  On the record, tardigrades can even return from the dead. In 1948, over 100-year-old dried-out tardigrades instantly started moving when an Italian zoologist added water to it.




If you are one of the many that are interested in defying aging, you might want to investigate the secrets of these creatures. They may not be able to survive some of the conditions that the other tough creatures can, but they can do something the rest of them cannot.  They can age backwards at will. As stated by Jimmy John Shar, the immortal jellyfish can revert itself to a younger state if it faces starvation or injury, with cells becoming nerve cells or vice-versa, and so on. Because of this impressive anti-aging attribute, they are called the ‘Benjamin Button’ of the oceans.



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