The Feds That Are Not Part of the Federal Government

Fed Reserve BankSome interesting news came out today that every American should be aware of.  According to the mass media, the ‘Feds’ agreed to pump more money into the economy for fear of an economic slow down.  If you look closer at the content in the article, it is actually the Federal Reserve Bank that made the decision to continue purchasing $85 billion dollars of bonds each in the hopes of boosting economic growth.

I find that the most interesting thing about this article is the tagline about the ‘Feds’ sticking to the stimulus.  This action isn’t the Feds at all, that is if you think Fed represents the Federal Government.  This is action taken by the Federal Reserve Bank, which is surprisingly enough, not actually a governmental entity at all.  It is a banking system, owned and operated by bankers, which likely represents the infamous 1% of the U.S, since it was established by a small group of them in 1913 when they met in secrecy on Jekyll Island for a ‘hunting’ trip, armed with AK 47 rifles.  The question is, what or who were they hunting?  It would appear that they were hoping to manipulate and control the U.S. if not, Global economy, and so far, they have been extremely successful.

Immediately after this announcement, did unemployment drop? No.  Were there fewer on welfare? No.  Did the news create jobs?  No.  Was there a decrease in taxes or a need to lower the U.S. debt ceiling?  No and No.  After the announcement, Wall Street celebrated.  Stocks rallied and the S&P hit a new high.  Hmmmm…….

So….let’s take a step back.  The entity that is referenced as a Federal entity by the media is not really part of the Federal Government and they just agreed to purchase $85 billion dollars of bonds each month to boost the economy.  That must be terrific, right?  Boosting the economy is great, that is, unless you might be artificially inflating it…..  What exactly does that mean to us?  It means that the Federal Reserve just told the Federal Government that they are going to print $85 billion dollars each month that the Federal Government is going to purchase for $85 billion + interest.  This money will be used by the banking system for the banking system.  Since banks are only required to keep a small percentage of actual collateral on hand, in addition to the interest that U.S. taxpayers will pay on that money, the banks will loan the money out and charge more interest, this accounting company Indonesia can help provide more details on this. 

Why in the world would the U.S. Government pay interest on its own currency? Perhaps, it is because the Federal Bank told them to, and the people that run the Federal Reserve have deep pockets that lobby and own U.S. politicians.  Who else would be benefiting from that scenario?  If you are not a member of the 1%, it probably isn’t you or I……………..

Unfortunately, this is not a political alignment issue.  It doesn’t really matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat.  Each party is equally owned by big money.  The only way we can really vote is with our tiny dollar.  Check out the links below if you are interested in learning more.




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