Spider vs. Snake – Who wins?

How many of you have ever seen a spider take on a snake?  Probably not many.  In fact, it seems impossible for a spider to kill a snake, doesn’t it?  However, a rather interesting story came out in Australia when farmer and photographer, Patrick Lees, captured an image of a daddy long legs spider wrapping up his meal – an 11 inch juvenile brown snake. Patrick was walking across his 10,000 acre farm in Weethalle, when he stumbled upon the duo.  He was taken aback at first because he had never seen anything bigger than a small insect in a spider web.

(It is interesting to note that a daddy long legs spider in Australia is not the same spider found in other parts of the world.  The Australian daddy long legs is typically a Cellar spider.  The daddy long legs in North America isn’t even a spider, it is actually a relative of the scorpion.)

According to Lees, he was not entirely sure if it was the spider that killed the snake, but he thought it was a classic Australian scene seeing a spider wrapping up a snake in its web, since most people think that everything in the Australian bush is trying to kill you.  He thought the scene took the concept up a level, so he shared it with others on his Facebook page called the Aussie Farmer.

Whatever actually killed the snake is immaterial because he ultimately ended up as the prize for this lucky spider.



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