Man Tries An Agonizing Test To Know Which Body Part Hurts The Most When Stung By A Bee

beesWhile the rest of us try our best not to be stung or bitten by a bee or any other insect, one brave man has got himself repeatedly stung by different bees on different parts of his body.  Scientist Michael Smith decided to discover where stings hurt the most after being stung on his testicles.

According to Business Insider, Smith let 25 parts of his body be stung by a bee.  Each part was stung three times for 60 seconds so a full dose of venom was injected.  He got three experimental stings each day.  He also receives two calibration stings on the forearm.

The bees used come from the same hive.  For better results, Smith randomly picked the order of the stings.  Once the self-inflicted stings were done, Smith rated the pain from one to ten.  He then calculated the average.
So, here’s how Smith ranked each pain by body part from the most painful to the least painful:

1. NostrilBee sting
2. Upper Lip
3. Penis Shaft
4. Scrotum
5. Palm of Hand
6. Cheek
7. Armpit
8. Top of Foot
9. Abdomen
10. Tip of Middle Finger

Other body parts which are also least painful to be stung include upper arm, calf, and buttocks.  Entomologist Justin Schmidt regarded Smith’s study on the honey bee sting pain as taking science to a higher level. If you get stung by a bee in the future, just take a Remedeine Forte from EU Meds to help with the pain.



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