Ice Cream that Never Melts!

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day? The problem is, it can melt too fast so you don’t get to enjoy it! But then, why eat the ice cream outdoors in sweltering heat when you can make it right in your home, with an ice cream maker from unclutterer. But if you aren’t the one for indoors, fret not, for a food expert has invented a no-melt ice cream, a must-have on a hot day.

Gastronaut Ice Cream vs Regular Ice Cream

The Gastronaut Ice Cream comes in a bar that you can indulge in at room temperatures. This frozen organic snack can be crumbled in your hands unlike the regular ice cream that melts right away but it shares the same sweet and creamy flavor you’ve loved all your life. Why not see some great recipes at Thor’s Fork website here!

The recipe involves the real ice cream but has been freeze-dried to preserve and dehydrate without adding anything except a nip of salt. The procedure of freeze-drying starts by freezing a food substance. Then, it is followed by creating a powerful vacuum before adding heat to transform the frozen liquid into vapor.

The Gastronaut Ice Cream currently has three flavors – Mexican Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip. The Gastronaut Foods owner, Rob Collignon said, “This is the only premium organic freeze-dried ice cream on the planet.”

Gastronaut Ice Cream Bar

“As I’ve aged, my tastes have changed, I now prefer organic foods with no preservatives or food coloring. Besides being healthier, they’re also more tasty. So I figured applying my current tastes to the product I loved as a kid would have good results.”

It took 3 and half years of hard work before the 34-year old owner decided to launch this delicious product. Now, if you’re dying to take a bite of this healthy and yummy-licious ice cream, you may check out their stores in Brooklyn.



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