Funny Toilets Signs You’ll See Around the World

Whether you’re in a new resto, hotel, park, or even in a foreign country, nature always calls. Hence, you need to run into toilet. Although we expect toilet signs to be universal, sometimes they go out of this world.

Some you might find unhelpful especially when you’re in desperate need, but others are cute, funny, and worthy to appreciate.

Honestly, this is quite weird and scary! Ladies, never go into these toilets.

Man Peeking into a lady toilet sign
Not sure if the owner is a woman or a beat down husband, but he knows women are always right.

men to the left women always right
Creative, geeky signs for superhero fanatics! I’m sure everyone’s going to appreciate these fun signs.

Capt America Wonder Woman R2D2

Batman vs Wonder Woman
We know there’s a difference between men and women, but these signs explain what those differences are!

Bla for Men vs Blablabla for women

Women vs Man Toilet Sign
Some country toilets also acknowledge the existence of other creatures.

Alien Toilet Signs

Alien Toilet Sign 2
You always see men and women, ladies and gents, boys and girls, but some signs say Men and Mermaids.

Men and Mermaids Toilet
Oops! Some owners are man-haters.

Men and Mermaids Toilet
Toilets also creatively represent the store you’re in!

Bar Toilet Signs

Pizza Store Toilet Sign
Do you play Barbie dolls or pirates? Are you wearing a panty or a brief? Man boots or heels? Let these things represent you when looking for a toilet.

Pirate vs Barbie Doll Toilet Sign

Heels vs Man Boots Toilet Sign

Brief vs Panty

Other toilets don’t care whether you’re a boy, a girl, or anything in between.

Whichever Toilet Sign



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