Is there a way to outrun a fart?

We all know that farting is as natural as breathing. So long as you live, you will always emit gas from your ass.  Another looming question is, can you outrun the sound or smell of your fart? In a video released by AsapScience in Youtube, they explain how to avoid the impact of fart.

Escaping sound is just not possible because sound travels at around 340 meters per second, and you are simply not that fast.  That’s hundreds of meters per second faster than Usain Bolt, the Olympic Sprint Champion who can only travel at 12.4 meters per second.  Of greater concern is the stinky smell that accompanies a fart.  According to AsapScience, hmmm…. well, you can try.

The video says, stinky emissions in the fart are very fast.  A certain compound found in a fart called, Skatole, can swiftly move through the air at a very impressive rate of speed, under certain conditions.  Mitchell Moffit, narrator and co-creator of the video says, “If we use the kinetic theory of gases, assume that the fart is at body temperature, and then we plug in the molar mass of skatole, we calculate that the smelliest skatole may be traveling around 243 meters per second.”  Which is unfortunately, still too speedy to outrun.

Although, only about 1 percent of a fart consists of chemicals that produce an awful smell, the scent is so powerful that people can really smell them at a level of 1 part per 100 million parts.  If you take into account conditions like wind direction, temperature, or the food you eat, you ‘might’ get a chance to outrun the putrid scent of the fart and lay the blame on someone else.



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