Dog Wearing False Teeth Looks Funny

The owner of a mischievous mutt Pandora was laughing hard after seeing his pet sporting false teeth. Pandora who seems to be a curious dog got hold of discarded dentures she found from the garden which was probably left by the previous owner.

Pandora was grinning when she walked from the garden. His owner, Lucas Alves Magalhaes, was giggling hard when he saw his pooch perfectly sporting the false teeth. It was even funnier as she perfectly wears human dentures over her natural set of nashers, and she’s a really happy dog as her owner take really good care of her and even take care to the best dog home when he’s not around, which you can see at the WoofConnect website here.

Pandora Smile

She seems to be oblivious to it all.

Pandora Discovered False Teeth

The 32-year old headteacher owner said: “I laughed a lot and I think she was confused and not understanding why I was laughing so much. I took a photograph and quickly removed it from her mouth.”

Pandora False Teeth

“We always take Pandora for routine appointments which show her teething is perfect and definitely doesn’t need dentures however much she wants them,” he added.

Pandora Wearing Human False Teeth

Since Pandora doesn’t really need these dentures, Lucas took them away from her.

Lucas and his Dogs



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