Dog and Its Owner Set New Record for Skipping

Purin and Her Owner SkipThe multi-record breaking dog, Purin, is back for another impressive title. The 11-year old beagle from Japan and her owner Makoto Kumagai now hold the new Guinness World Record for the most number of skips by a dog and human tandem in one minute using a single rope.

The pair beat its own previous record back in May 2016 with a total of 51 successful jumps. After a few months of more practice, the two have now reached 58 incredible skips. Their performance took place in Ito, Shizuoka in Japan.

Purin Catch BallsIt was in 2015 when Purin first rose to fame earning the Guinness Title for the Most Balls Caught by a Dog with the Paws in One Minute. Purin saved 14 mini footballs thrown by Makoto.

In March 2016, Purin bagged another record for the Fastest 10 Metres travelled on a ball by a dog. Her time was 10.39 seconds.

Guinness is continued to be amazed by these Japanese pooch saying, “Purin has become an unstoppable record-breaker and we can’t wait to see what jaw-dropping trick she will amaze us with next.”

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