Red Hot Chili Peppers Might Actually Help You Live Longer

red hot chili peppersContrary to how you feel when you’re eating spicy food (as if you’re dying of the hot sensation), a new study suggests that these spices may actually help you live longer. A red hot chili pepper may not be everyone’s favorite, but we now have a reason to start embracing its spice.

According to PloS One, a research from the Public Library of Science Journal, there is a great link between spicy food and a longer life. The study reports that consumption of red hot chili peppers on a regular basis could extend one’s life by 13 percent. That’s about another 10.5 years for an average man.

Eating Hot Chili Pepper

It further states that those who consume chilies are 13% less likely to die early than those who keep away from them. The methodological study involved 16, 000 adults who were surveyed based on their diets, background, and health from 1988 to 1994. The participants were then checked up on over the next 18 years.

As a result, those who ate chilies regularly had a mortality rate of under 22 percent. Those who avoided them resulted to a mortality rate of over 33 percent.

PloS also revealed that an element called Capsicum is the cause of chili’s health benefits and its fiery taste. Scientists have actually been studying the health benefits of Capsicum. In fact, last month, another research group from Ruhr-University in Germany studied the treating effects of peppery ingredients to human samples of breast cancer cells.
Other studies involve the healing effects of chili peppers by speeding up fat loss, protection against bad teeth, antioxidants, and more.



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