Windows 7, Windows 8 Metro or Standard, Which Will You Use?

Windows 8 was released today. A lot has been said about the new Metro interface. Technically it isn’t called Metro anymore. Microsoft has decided to change the name to “Modern UI”. Yeah I know, it’s not overly catchy, but what do you expect?

Touch interfaces have become part of our daily lives. With our smart phones and tablets we have become accustomed to touching the screen. For these devices an interface like Metro (or Modern UI) make sense. These are smaller, portable devices though. It makes sense to want to get rid of the keyboard for these devices and go with a touch screen.

Windows 8 Metro Modern UI
Windows 8 Metro Modern UI
That brings us to Windows 8 and the PC interface. If you have a keyboard and a mouse, are you really going to want to touch the screen? Do you want to use the fancy new tiled interface or are you satisfied with your desktop experience? Many people are planning on staying with Windows 7. Others are going to upgrade to Windows 8. Of the people that upgrade and start using the fancy Metro Modern UI, how many are going to get sick of it and switch back to the standard interface that also comes with Windows 8? Why does Microsoft feel we want our PC to look and feel like our phone?

Do you even have a computer with a touch screen monitor or are you going to use a mouse to navigate Windows 8 tiles?

Please, leave your comments. I want to know how you feel about this new Windows 8!



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