This guy was taken for the ride of his life by Jeff Gordon.

About a year ago, Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon paired up with Pepsi Max to pull a prank on an unsuspecting car salesman. While in disguise, Gordon drove the salesman around town Nascar style. The prank went viral and Pepsi received the attention it wanted.

On reporter, Travis Okulski was not impressed with the video footage. Travis publicly decried the video as a fake. Gordon, upon learning of Okulski’s accusations, arranged for a Okulski to be his next victim.

In this video, Gordon pretends to be a cab driver picking Okulski up from the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Okulski’s boss is in on the prank and sent him there.) Once Okulski is locked in the car, that is where the fun begins and Gordon takes the unsuspecting journalist for a ride of his very own. Okulski’s reactions are priceless.



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