The James Gang – Five Times the Fun

Kids are cruel.  They taunt and tease each other, sometimes in jest and sometimes to just be mean.  To young children, making fun of something they don’t truly understand is sometimes easier than understanding what it is all about.  If you can find one truly good friend to stand by you, you are lucky.  Imagine if you were able to find five.  A boy at Franklin Elementary School, James Willmer, was able to do just that.  James is a little different from other kids.  He lives with his adopted mom in Mankato, MN and he has some special needs, in that he doesn’t learn the same way the other kids do.  Because of his differences, it was hard for James to make friends, and he was an easy target for the other kids to pick on.

After a bullying campaign, five of James’ classmates decided to make a difference and stepped in to look out for James.  Because it was the right thing to do, the boys promised to protect their friend from any form of bullying, and because of their acts of kindness, the young boy’s life took a change for the better. For the first time in his life, James is able to experience having friends and enjoy the moments of being a child.  He is 5 times as fortunate to have found 5 faithful friends within his 5th grade class.  Check out the full story in this video.



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