Abused Dog Faces Wall in Terror for Days After Being Rescued

Animals have feelings too and the fear that comes with being abused is very real for dogs like Angel.

After years of being abused by her previous owner, Angel, the dog in this video, is finally free from her tormentors but not free from her emotional distress.  The terrified canine chose to face the wall for days after being rescued, perhaps her only way of shielding and protecting herself from the people around her.

PAWS, an Irish animal rescue group founded by Gina and Deirdre Hetherington back in 1997, showed this video of Angel, who is seen cowering in a corner as rescuers tried to comfort the scared canine. According to the rescuers, Angel has been tormented for years which left the poor pooch petrified even after she was found by the group. Scared and unable to move, Angel faced the wall even as rescuers placed her to safety.

After being rescued by PAWS, Angel is now slowly but surely making her way to recovery.  After a few months of tender loving care from this group, she is now much happier and gets along with other rescue dogs.  She also found a new home after being adopted by a wonderful couple who has helped this loving canine get back on her feet.



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